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Easter egg left untouched for 84 years after girl given it during World War Two

An 84-year-old Easter egg which was left untouched by its recipient because of wartime rationing is set to be sold at auction.

The chocolate egg was given to then-nine-year-old Sybil Cook in 1939 but with the Second World War looming, her uncle advised her to ration it slowly and savour every morsel.

Despite loving chocolate, she never ate a single piece, treasuring the treat for six years during the Second World War and never touching it throughout the rest of her life until she died aged 91

Men jailed for kidnapping victims and demanding money from families for release

Two men have been sentenced after forcing teenagers to call their parents and bring them money to secure their release.

Aramis Sullivan, 19, and Brandon Southall, 25, approached two young men in a McDonald’s in Northampton in August 2021 and intimidated them into leaving, before making them drive to Coventry under threats of harm and demanding £1,000 from relatives to secure their release, Northamptonshire Police said on Wednesday.

The victims managed to raise £500 from relatives and friends b

London misses out on hottest UK temperature of year as Scotland gets 20C heat

London has missed out on reaching the hottest temperature of the year in the UK so far as a small part of the Scottish Highlands reached above 20 degrees for the first time in 2023. The Met Office said that the temperature in Kinlochewe in the Scottish Highlands reached 20.2 degrees at just after 12pm this afternoon (April 17), the highest recorded temperature of 2023.

The last time 20C was recorded in the UK was on November 13, 2022. A high of 18C was recorded in Greater London in south-east E